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I understand that William and Mary will not guarantee the functionality of the wireless, or wired device that I am requesting to have authenticated. Information exchanged through this device is not secure. William and Mary is not responsible for any security related issues or activity.
You will need to submit the device authentication form to allow your wired or wireless device (e.g., XBOX, PDA or Wireless Printer) to access our network and/or connect to the Internet. You will need to register the physical address (MAC address) with Information Technology prior to gaining access to our network. We recommend visiting the manufacturer's website of your device for instructions on finding its physical address. Please note that William and Mary will not provide technical support, or guarantee the functionality of the device. Contact the manufacturer if you have any technical support questions. Once you have obtained the physical address for the device fill our the form below and click Submit. This will allow you to request system authentication. You will be contacted by Information Technology once your request is processed.
Network Device Authentication Form